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Collingwood Water has been delivering bottled water since 1902

We bottle our spring water right here on-site only a short distance from the actual spring.

In 1875, a well was drilled in Toledo at Prescott Street and Collingwood Avenue to supply safe drinking water to the neighborhood. Back then we delivered our water by horse drawn water wagon.

By 1902, our water’s purity, consistency and appealing taste grew in popularity. Our water was desired outside the neighborhood. Our water’s popularity led to the formation of a water company to distribute drinking water to a larger area.

Our water’s great taste and consistency comes from nature. Our water is filtered through natural gravel and limestone formations in the earth until it reaches our well.

Today, the Collingwood Water Co. is still distributing the deep rock water to businesses and residences in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Our water remains rich in natural, healthful minerals from the earth. Natural fluorides in the water help make healthy bones and strong teeth. Collingwood Water is ozonated, which is the preferred method of disinfection. Contrary to chlorination, ozonation leaves no by-products in the water, it only leaves great taste.

Pure and natural Collingwood bottled water is low in sodium and contains no calories, additives, or any other undesirable elements.

Collingwood Water’s bottled water makes better tasting coffee, tea, juices and mixed drinks since it permits the true flavors to come through.

We’re confident that after just one month of bottled water service you’ll become a regular consumer like thousands of your neighbors.

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