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Collingwood Water carries water coolers for your home or office.

Water cooler dispensers may be used at home or in the office, floor standing water dispensers are the most popular water dispensers. We also offer countertop water dispensers which are convenient space-saving unit, our different models offer, cold water, hot water and room temperature water from the best brands available in the market, including Oasis Water Coolers.

Type of water cooler
Square round cook and cold Please call for current pricing. Pricing is subject to change.
Square round hot and cold
Stainless Steel hot and cold
Stainless Steel cook and cold

P.O.U. Coolers that connect to your existing water line and filter your water.

All water cooler rentals are based on a 12 month lease. Some water cooler units may require a special order.

Collingwood Water carries a wide variety of water coolers for sale. If you are interested in ordering any of our water coolers, please contact us.

Collingwood Water has wholesale supplies for your home or office.

Our wholesale coffee supply prices include Sweet N Low, sugar packets, Splenda, Equal, and more.  We also have wholesale coffee supply pricing on Carnation Cream packets, Grindstone Creamer and Flavored Liquid Creamers in single serve size packets.

Collingwood Water also delivers other coffee and beverage supplies. We carry coffee stir sticks, coffee pots, coffee filters, coffee creamer packets, sugar packets, tea bags and hot chocolate packets for you. If your office consumes these beverage items fast, Collingwood Water can help you keep them in stock.

If you serve cold or hot beverages at home or to clients, you need low cost, high quality cups and other beverage supplies to meet your needs.  Collingwood Water offers great cold cup choices and hot cup choices for all your beverage needs. All of our cups work great for iced coffee, iced tea, soda, smoothies, coffee and other beverages.

Wholesale Supplies


Cups – hot
Package count/size
Solo 6 J’s (6oz. Styrofoam) 100/bag  
Solo 8 J’s (8oz. Styrofoam) 100/bag  
Solo 10 J’s (10oz.) 100/bag  
Solo 12 J’s (12oz.) 100/bag  
Cups – cold
Package count/size
Solo 4 R’s (4oz. paper cone) 1000/bag  
Solo 5oz Flat Bottom cups 1000/box  
Package count/size
Coffee Pots 12 cup
Coffee Filters 100/bag  
Napkins 500/bag  
12/500 ct
Paper Towels 1 roll  
Package count/size
Carnation Creamer Packets 250/box
Grindstone creamer packets 250/bag
Sugar packets 250/bag
Equal sweetener packets 250/bag
Sweet-N-Low 250/bag
Carnation Creamer 11 oz./can  
12 cans/case
French vanilla creamer 16 oz./can
Grindstone creamer 12 oz./can  
24 cans/case
Sugar 20 oz./can  
24 cans/case
Package count/size
Lipton Cup-a-Soup (beef noodle or chicken noodle) 15/bag
Maruchan Ramen Noodle (Assorted varieties) 12/box
Crystal Lite (Tea or lemonade) 24/box  
8 boxes/case
Crystal Lite fruit punch 24/box  
8 boxes/case
Act II microwave popcorn 32/box
Lipton tea bags 100/box
Lipton tea bags – decaf 72/box
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate 50/box
Swiss Miss – sugar free 25/box
Swiss Miss w/marshmallows 50/box


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